Saturday, 18 August 2012

Coffee & a Wallaby

Just thought I would open this post with a story following our recent week together and our new-found delight! I'm talking about the Wallaby's. What's a Wallaby? Do I leave it as a closely guarded secret between the TT's or let other readers of this blog in on this tasty morsel?

The TT's would be working hard together on their respective projects when a little bell would chime - time for "coffee and a Wallaby". Visitors to the TT's would exclaim "What's a Wallaby?" Well, a Wallaby is the most delicious and perfect little mouthful of heaven on earth! They are hand made delights from Byron Bay and only 39 calories each, so often only one is just not enough! Chocolate, of course! mmmmm!!! Maybe more later on those!

So time for my show and tell for the week. I have actually finished 'Batik Windows' and here is a picture:

What do you think? This quilt was made using a "slash and stack" method. I would not do this again, I would simply use a jelly roll or strips of fabric off the bolt. I think I might make a smaller version to hang in the studio and on my stand at the show in October.

Now I can return my attentions to Mrs Billings and adding border number 3. It's all made, I just have to sew it on! mmm. wonder how long this will take??

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  1. TT, it looks absolutely stunning! Great idea with the contrasts. Funny how a quick quilt doesn't always work out that way!!
    Now I am looking forward to your version of border 3.
    Do you like the way I am posting photos to show the back as I work through?