Friday, 24 August 2012

Border Four Finished by TT!

WoW! it seemed to take forever to finish this, but it looks great and while the English Paper Piecing was a good idea, it took a lot of effort. I will be making other plans for the rest!

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  1. TT that looks great! Good job! Oh now for the diamonds. I was discussing this with a quilt shop owner today! When you mark the dots we agreed the pencil can make a mark spanning a few threads and when there are lots of seams across a block, a few threads difference can turn into a huge difference and it just won't sit right. Instead, make sure you cut your fabric accurately according to the template then use the 1/4" line on the template and line that up with the raw edge of the fabric. Use the side of the template to draw your sewing line and, where the lines cross in the corners, you have your accurate dot point! If you are going to sew by machine, just test your 1/4" seam first, accurately cut the pieces according to the template and it should go together well.