Sunday, 5 August 2012

Border Update August 5th 2012

TT, just an update for you on the progress of the paper piecing border. As you can see, I have all the colours worked out and in the process of putting together. Yesterday I fixed up the corner of the floral border so it sits much flatter now.
I have also been thinking of quilt as I go, so I can fit it under my machine and do it myself. ...bit like this top/batting/white cotton shirting ...then when it is all done in rectangular segments around the square. Only when the quilt is completely finished will I put the backing fabric on and ditch the whole quilt, which would be way more manageable. This is something to think about and hopefully we can work out a method. mmmm.......

 I have included photos of my paper piecing in order to maintain accuracy. After completing this, I think I will pursue machine sewing in order to get ahead a bit!!!! See what you think.


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  1. These last 4 photos were not here when I first looked at this post - might have seen it on the ipad and maybe they didn't come through - anyway, yes I think that looks good being able to see how you are getting it all together.

    I will continue to hand piece - I am enjoying the process and can happily piece anywhere!