Monday 30 July 2012

Women of Courage BOM

Well, I've just finished the first month of Women of Courage, from Keepsake Quilting (I love that shop! 2nd only to Lotus Fabrics!). Unlike the Batik Nature, the WOC needs precise sewing and cutting without any room for error.
The BN allows like 1/8' extra so you can square up the fabric by trimming. So as a beginner, I like the fact I can trim up to remove my wonky sewing or stretching of fabric. I must admit I feel a bit stressed after finishng my WOC block. What do you think TT?

Isn't it just a most exciting design? I do realise that I am getting really drawn into quilting in a big way. I also realise, since starting Mrs Billings, that I just love the colour teal!!!!
I am still working on her so don't worry about that!

24th August
Just finished the block of the month 2 and I admit my points are forever improving, but I have difficulties squaring up as one side is always shorter than the other. Most frustrating!

This quilt has finished up being my favourite so far!

Basting ready to quilt! Now I just need to take a photo of the quilt on the bed!

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