Monday, 30 July 2012

Women of Courage BOM

Well, I've just finished the first month of Women of Courage, from Keepsake Quilting (I love that shop! 2nd only to Lotus Fabrics!). Unlike the Batik Nature, the WOC needs precise sewing and cutting without any room for error.
The BN allows like 1/8' extra so you can square up the fabric by trimming. So as a beginner, I like the fact I can trim up to remove my wonky sewing or stretching of fabric. I must admit I feel a bit stressed after finishng my WOC block. What do you think TT?

Isn't it just a most exciting design? I do realise that I am getting really drawn into quilting in a big way. I also realise, since starting Mrs Billings, that I just love the colour teal!!!!
I am still working on her so don't worry about that!

24th August
Just finished the block of the month 2 and I admit my points are forever improving, but I have difficulties squaring up as one side is always shorter than the other. Most frustrating!

This quilt has finished up being my favourite so far!

Basting ready to quilt! Now I just need to take a photo of the quilt on the bed!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Wing and Prayer Design, Batik Nature BOM

I have committed to this BOM from Keepsake Quilting 3 months ago. I have just finished the 3rd block and improving with my skills each time, along with my TT's words of advice and assistance. I have pictured here the completed quilt and the blocks I have completed at this stage.

How great do these look? I am so excited about this quilt. Each block is so different and stunning when finished! I'll keep you updated on this as I go!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Border 2 Completed

Finally, I can post some pics of my Mrs Billings' Coverlet as the second border is now complete - only 12 to go now! I have made a few changes since you last saw it, TT! I have removed the squares appliqued onto the corner blocks of the 1st border as they looked a little odd, I thought. I have something else in mind to applique there later.

I am happy with the way my mitered corners turned out although I had some trouble matching the pattern. I have started on the next border but have a confession to make now - I have decided to piece it all by hand. I know we decided to do the English Paper Piecing way (which is also by hand, I know) but I am finding that way a little tedious. But what the heck? As long as we get it together any which way and we're satisfied with the end product?

So, what do you think?

And, how's the batik BOM going? Post some photos of that too!!!

Tomorrow, I am going to finish quilting the batik stained glass window log cabin quilt so I can put it on the bed! Then I'll post a photo of that one too!

Happy quilting!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Beginning Border 3

After a week of catching up with my Batik Nature BOM from Keepsake Quilting, I have found time to carefully sort my fabrics into colour groups to further expand the Mrs Billings' Coverlet.  I've begun to cut out the little squares and triangles for the border.
Time spent at Lotus Fabrics with the proprietor, Louise Brown-Thomas, helped me to prepare for paper piecing the border. She also gave an enormous amount of assistance in brainstorming the pattern and ways to produce the best borders.
This method my TT and I decided would give the most accurate border. We made our own paper pieces as the pattern was not the usual measurements in inches, which was most disappointing.
Did I tell you that I went to NSW specifically to see Louise and source her Batik collection she has for sale? It is sensational, and the assistance and advice she gives is invaluable. Louise also has many examples of Batik quilts in her studio which are stunning!
My TT has been a bit quiet lately and I'm thinking she is advancing with her coverlet secretly!!! mmm..... hopefully all will come out soon!!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Somehow, at the Sydney Quilt and Patchwork Show, we were re-introduced to the Mrs Billings' Coverlet, (Somerset Patchwork). Simultaneously we felt a sting and goose bumps up our spines .... the Pox had struck again, big time!
As TT's, we were as Siamese Twins, and had to undertake this challenge together to come full circle in our lives.
A little note here, we both were influenced by our textiles teachers, Mrs Gibson and Mrs O'Neil at Fintona Girls' School in the early 70's. We are OCD in this regard and our teachers would be amazed at our sewing precision now!
I have just spent the past week with my sewing TT and together we have discussed, challenged, researched and explored the colour palettes and expressions, moods and impact of borders and fabric design. Also we have been exploring the techniques and methods to create the most accurate sewing method for this coverlet. As TT's, we decided the instructions and directions with the pattern were lacking and the unusual sized measurements made it very difficult to foundation or paper piece if you so desired. this led us to make our own paper pieces for sections of the coverlet!!!
I was adamant and declared to my TT, I am not going to hand sew any quilts, if I can't machine stitch, I'm not doing it!! Well, that went out the door and I am hooked.
My TT gave me a Jelly Roll in November 2011, "just have a play" she said. She knew what she was doing and left smiling with herself. Seven months later, I have many BOM commitments and finished 7 quilts!
I am so looking forward to sharing and getting feed back from my TT as we work on our Mrs Billings' Coverlet together. Both of us approach the project with very different colour palettes in mind!
I promise I will update pictures tomorrow!!! :)

Hexagon and Diamond Centre Block

For this TT, inspiration for the basic colour palette came from a fat quarter at the Sydney Quilt Show,  June, 2012.
A week spent with my other TT gave me the patience and eye to tackle the triangles and applique the centre hexagon to back ground fabric. I chose 'Pale Coffee" from the Emma Louise range of fabrics. We decided that a neutral background colour was needed to enhance the palette choice.

After visiting many patchwork and quilting shops in the Hunter Valley region, NSW, we came across some beautiful fabrics that were suitable for the solid borders. Together, we auditioned and using a stencil cut from paper to separate the border segments, decisions were made. Here is the result!
I will need to re-do one mitred corner to improve it!
Now my friend, what have you got to show? :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Mrs Billings' Coverlet

Here are a couple of images of the original Mrs Billings' Coverlet made in 1790.

This Blog will attempt to journal our attempt to re-create this quilt frame by frame! So, here we go! Yeah!!!