Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Border 2 Completed

Finally, I can post some pics of my Mrs Billings' Coverlet as the second border is now complete - only 12 to go now! I have made a few changes since you last saw it, TT! I have removed the squares appliqued onto the corner blocks of the 1st border as they looked a little odd, I thought. I have something else in mind to applique there later.

I am happy with the way my mitered corners turned out although I had some trouble matching the pattern. I have started on the next border but have a confession to make now - I have decided to piece it all by hand. I know we decided to do the English Paper Piecing way (which is also by hand, I know) but I am finding that way a little tedious. But what the heck? As long as we get it together any which way and we're satisfied with the end product?

So, what do you think?

And, how's the batik BOM going? Post some photos of that too!!!

Tomorrow, I am going to finish quilting the batik stained glass window log cabin quilt so I can put it on the bed! Then I'll post a photo of that one too!

Happy quilting!


  1. Whoosh! How fantastic that looks! Well done TT!I am most interested to see your hand piecing. I have decided to continue paper piecing the border 3 until that is finished, then I will make decisions on how to proceed.
    Since returning to work I have struggled to complete my 4 sections per night...funny that! But I love it all and if it takes longer I have more enjoyment to enjoy!!!
    I will post other work too, I have finished block 3 of Nature Batik and I'm improving with my flying geese as this is only the third time I've done them!
    Roll on the weekend and I can visit the Melbourne Quilt and Patchwork Show to revel in the magnificent quilts talented people have made. :)

  2. I cut out my fabric for my Women of Courage BOM last night! Will do that on the weekend! I will also update photos over the weekend. Have a lovely w'end TT!

  3. I will call you the BOM queen!! Have had the applique group here today so have been taken away from Mrs Billings. But that's OK as I have 2 other large UFOs which need my attention! Also spent some time on the log cabin windows (think that's what I'll call it) and have only 2 blocks to finish quilting, then the border - if I quilt that at all!

    Women of Courage looks great - do you get the stories about the women with it?

    Hope you also have a great weekend, TT. Hope it's productive!